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The FUTURE of CNC Engraved Foiling and Embossing Dies

Bros Engraving cc is a leading manufacturer of foiling and embossing dies in South Africa. We provide engraving services to the printing, leather and cork industries. Some of the services we offer are listed below.

  • Leather Stamping Tools

  • Embossing Blocks

  • Steel Gears

  • Deboss Blocks

  • Counter Forces 

  • Foiling Blocks

  • Hot Foil Cylinders

  • Electric Wood Branding Irons

  • Brass Branding Irons with wood handle

  • Wax Seals

Why Use Bros Engraving?

Clients & Testimonials

Some of our happy customers

  • Marius, Always a pleasure doing business with a company that is so efficient and offers quality and service. Look forward to meeting you. Regards, Rob.
  • Thanks once again for doing a great job. It turned out fabulous and our client was over the moon when we delivered yesterday. They are one of our key clients that drop a lot of money on a regular basis with us. And in turn any work that I can pass to you I shall. Have a great day. Regards, Lynne.
  • Good day Marius, I would really like to extend a word of thanks to you, for exceptionally professional and efficient service delivered to me with regards to the above mentioned. I am really impressed, and you can be sure that I will be making use of your service again in future. Much appreciated. Regards, Petunia.
  • Great thank you! So nice to find a Company with such great service. Thank you! Leigh.
  • Morning Marius, Its me...again! I have received the stamps and they look absolutely wonderful, and the workmanship is just incredible. Thanks very much to you and Bros Engraving for that. Thanks so much, Dave.
  • Hi Marius, Please see proof of payment attached. Thank you for your superb service. It is such a pleasure to do business with people like you! Kind regards, Petra.
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The Bros Engraving CNC Machine

South Africa’s First Customised CNC Router

We have over 23 years of experience in the industry. CNC machined magnesium and brass dies are the environmentally-friendly choice when it comes to foiling and embossing dies. There is no caustic acid involved when producing CNC dies, and all chip waste is recycled over and over.