Things change and so do we, by keeping up to date with the latest in Technological CNC Enhancements this gives us an edge on our competitors. We can engrave twice as fast and up to three times bigger, saving you time and money.

We use extremely accurate CNC milling machine with spindle speed of up to 15 000rpm, cutting dies can vary in size from 20mm x 20mm all the way up to 300mm x 700mm. Apart from that we have just acquired a HAAS DT-1 as a secondary machine to speed things up further!!

CNC machined magnesium and brass dies are the environmentally-friendly choice when it comes to foiling and embossing dies. There is no caustic acid involved when producing CNC dies, and all chip waste is recycled over and over.

We’ve been in the CNC engraving field for over 25 years (in “CNC years” that’s something like 45 years!). We’re not “fly by night” and we’re not going anywhere.

If we supply you with a die that does not meet with your exact requirements, we will redo it at no charge to you. We take digital photo’s of every die manufactured, blow it up 400 times and study it for defects as part of our quality control.

The talent runs deep within our organisation. This means better quality and service for you. Simply, we have found the most talented individuals with the most experience in the field and we work hard to keep them.

When you truly consider the facts and when you add up all of our features, we undeniably offer more value than any competitor. Sometimes you have to look beyond the price and consider all things such as quality, up-time, support and service.

Our normal work hours are 7am to 17:30pm but our machines never sleep, the lights are never off and we always just call away. We are on 24/7/365 standby. Call us at 3:00am New Year’s Day and we’ll help you out!

Taking into account that we intend on servicing the needs of 350 plus businesses, we have strategically located ourselves in the center of it all, saving you on transit time to and from our office.

Currently the majority of our customers are based in and around Cape Town. However due to our overnight express service, 47% of our work is being generated from other provinces and this figure is increasing rapidly. Given that our blocks are far superior to the chemically etched Zinc blocks in other provinces, this isn’t suprising. So, order today before 2pm and we’ll deliver the next morning before 11am (to all major city centers) – delivery fee of R50. If same day delivery is needed, we can assist with sending your package via SAA for a additional fee.

Just like any business we occasionally encounter problems. When something unexpected happens, we immediately rise to the challenge and provide transparent status updates in real-time so you can plan accordingly.

“If I don’t forget the office phone in my pocket while out doing deliveries”… only happened once.

We deliver next day before 11am to all major city centers in South Africa at only R60.00!! Excl VAT